Pedro Vilarim | Computational Designer

Hi! I'm Pedro

Computational Designer | Architect
ShapeDiver© Specialist

My work transforms static products into customized products for ecommerce and digital manufacturing.

Parametrics & Panels

Some panels that I created others that I parameterized for customization in and digital fabrication.

furniture industry

Customization creates new markets for your product

Interior Design and Scenography

Because my Thinker side needs to feed on something Maker.

Parametric & Panels

I create and automate cuts for digital manufacture of parametric panels.

The advantage of hosting this type of product on ShapeDiver is that we can create customization and generation of cutting curves in a single process.

The customization interface can be changed and integrated into your website. ShapeDiver has an API that can assist the development of your ecommerce or your company's internal system.

FURNITURE industry

Customized products empower your customer.

What interaction will your customer need?

If you have any questions about how your product can be customized please contact me.

Interior Design and Scenography

Parametric tunnel for sales stand.

If you have a project that you need to put forward, just share it with me.
I love having new ideas.